About Us

As the sole owner of HeavenSent and having worked in the mental health field for over 25 years, I have seen people of all walks of life have difficulty in facing a wide a variety of struggles that they encounter during their lifetime. HeavenSent was created for 2 primary reasons, one was to offer people of all walks of life inspirational and religious home accents and gifts so they can have visual reminders on how to help cope with life stressors on a day -to- day basis. We all know that there are times when life - events and situations are more challenging and difficult to cope with. HeavenSent strives to offer home accents of gentle reminders and scripture of inspirational items to help us have a different perspective and outlook during challenging times in our life. As an example, we offer 2 different mugs in this area, “LET GO & LET GOD” and “GOOD MORNING THIS IS GOD, I WILL BE HANDLING ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS TODAY. I WILL NOT NEED YOUR HELP SO HAVE A BLESSED DAY. I LOVE YOU”. These are both great reminders on how after you have done your part in the situation it does not do any good to continue to worry about something and it is time to let GOD deal with the issue. As we don’t know what GOD is doing in the background that can help with that specific issue and we have to learn to trust GOD to take care of our problems in his time. I realize many times this is easier said than done, but it is still something that we all get tested with during our life and daily reminders can be helpful to get the proper perspective.


Another favorite is our “ TRUST THE LIMING OF YOUR LIFE” pillow, we are all guilty of at some point wanting something at a certain time, weather it is a job, or get to work at a certain time or trying to buy a house and get frustrated when things don’t work out as we want. However, we don’t know what GOD knows and he may be setting things up for us to have a better outcome on his time- table or saving us from a bad situation. Three perfect examples of this in my own life include 1) 8 years ago I had put a bid on a house and it was accepted by the seller, however the next day they accepted another offer from someone else and I lost it. I was very disappointed by the sellers’ unethical actions. A few months later I found a much better house here in CF, that was almost double the size, better yard and better community for the same money. God found a much better deal for me and so I was very grateful of the seller backing out of the previous house. 2) In 2014, my car would not- start and it was -11 degrees outside so I could not go to work. I happened to discover in the kitchen that I had a frozen pipe and if my car did not start, I would not have caught the frozen pipe and it would have burst and poured water non -stop all throughout the house for hours and my house would have been severely ruined. 3) few months ago, I started a new position in mental health supervising staff and shortly after starting I discovered that the company was engaged in blatant Medicaid Fraud and so I left that position. Leaving that position gave me the time to spend on opening this online store.


The second reason HeavenSent was established was to help organizations, church's, groups to fundraising for their group with items that can be great gifts or offer inspiration to themselves or others in their life. Furthermore, Heavensent has worked hard to find great values for our customers and not have higher prices while providing fundraising options. We have all seen where a company may offer fundraising but the want you to sell the item for 50 % above comparable retail, we do not do that. We price check every item prior to purchase to make sure we can offer the item at a great value for our customers. We offer all types of items that you would have to buy regularly, including health and beauty items, apparel, and a variety of items for the home. Our goal in this area is to help customers fundraise with everyday items that they would need to purchase anyway at a great value. Groups who want to do fundraising just contact us to register their group and they will receive between 10 – 15 % of product sales (excluding tax, delivery & returns) back to them after the sale period has closed out.

Heavensent believes in supporting local charities who help those in need. As a result, some of net profits generated from sales that is not part of a group fundraising will be donated to local charities. The focus of the donations will be geared towards food pantries and the stark county Humane Society at this time.